Turnaround Time

TAT starts every Monday. Orders placed by Friday by 12pm EST. Any orders placed Friday after 12pm EST; your TAT will not start until the following Monday!

Please note that TAT may be different for all items. If you're unsure on TAT for a specific item please contact us! Unless stated otherwise.

Wholesale turnaround time—> 14-21 BD

Retail turnaround time —> 10-18 BD

Ready to ship items will ship within 1-3 business days.

Preorders- Tat varies product to product. Please review product description for more details  

Please Note: Shop is closed during major holidays and will reopen the next business day! Site will remain available for purchases, this could make your TAT a little longer as those days are not included in TAT! Any other scheduled days off will always be communicated through our Facebook VIP!