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Glitter Gel: Pick me, choose me, love me

Glitter Gel: Pick me, choose me, love me

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Filler sizes | 5g jars | 10 jars 

up to 10 BD turnaround time

Our Mission: 
Our glitter gels are perfect for any occasion! All batches are made to order so you never have to worry about the quality you’ll receive as we strive for top quality products. 

Ingredients: All our hair glitter is made with a water base gel that is both hair & skin safe! Due to the nature of the product we do alert offer allergen cautions on all packaging to ensure the safety of each person who uses our products. All of our glitter gels are alcohol, fragrance & oil free!

Applications instruction: To apply our glitter gel you can use the tip of your finger tip to distribute it evenly to the area you prefer. As our glitter gels are made with a water base gel it also allows for an easy cleanup. Hot water and soap helps clean it up quickly! As it is made with glitter, it is not uncommon that you have some sparkle to your appearance! 😉

Storage instructions: Due to our glitter gels being made with a water base gel we highly recommend that you do not store in direct sunlight, or anything less than room temperature!

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